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Kristin Heywood
Pre and Post Natal Coaching and Doula Services


Pre and Post Natal Coaching

This Coaching is offered in a program called Birth like a Warrior. I offer students holistic support through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Through Weekly sessions, yoga, meditation, childbirth education, pelvic health support and much more students feel empowered to own their unique birth stories!

Infant Feeding Counseling

Private sessions are available if you are looking for support with feeding baby in any way. Breast, bottle, pumping, supplementing, I got you! Reach out, the earlier the better if you are experiencing any discomfort!

Feeding counselling is included with the Birth like a Warrior program.

Doula Services

A doula is a support person for the birthing person. Kristin offers emotional and physical support through when sensations start until everyone feels comfortable feeding baby. My birth like a warrior program can include the Birth doula support.

Pre and Post natal Yoga and Fitness Classes

Practice yoga and meditation specifically for Pregnancy and the post partum period Live with Kristin and other people on a similar journey. Be a part of a community of like minded individuals all riding this wave together! Support, accountability and camaraderie are huge in this stage of your life! Weekly group classes are included in all our programs.

Pelvic Floor Support

As a certified Pregnancy and Post partum corrective exercise specialist, Kristin works to help you bring awareness, strength and relaxation to your pelvic floor. She works holistically, encouraging you to look at your body as a whole. Kristin works closely with Meryl Dacosta, a pelvic floor physiotherapist. This support is included with our Birth like a Warrior program. We also offer private sessions.

Teas and Talks 

Free Monthly Support Group

A platform of support for those looking for resources and credible information in the Pregnancy and post partum world. Guests often join Kristin, its a casual safe place to ask questions and share with no judgement.

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Teas and Talks - Feeding Baby 101
Aug. 08, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EDT
Online offering via Zoom