Available Services

Birth Doula

Kristin provides emotional and physical support to you once sensations start (pre-labor) until you feel comfortable with feeding baby. If you are planning a cesarean birth, Kristin can provide support upon arrival at the hospital!

Pelvic Health Support

Pelvic health is so much more then kegels. When working with Kristin, she looks at your body as a whole and provides knowledge in a more holistic lifestyle that can support your pelvic health so much further! Kristin works closely with Meryl, a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, from Eramosa Physiotherapy in Georgetown Ontario.

Post Partum Doula

Kristin can provide post partum care which includes feeding support, light housework, meal preparation, infant care, birthing person care, emotional support and more.

Movement and Meditation

Kristin teaches a variety of live group classes including yoga, weight lifting and meditation.

These practices encourage students on a deeper connection to self ultimately leading them to a place of trust over fear of their childbirth journey.

Infant Feeding Counselling

Kristin can help you reach a place of knowing how you want to feed baby and the steps to get you there. No matter what your goals are, Kristin aims to empower you in your choices.

Private Coaching

Weekly private sessions with Kristin help you to feel grounded in your journey, being encouraged to focus on the now. Kristin is especially knowledgeable when it comes to the changes in the human  body during pregnancy and the post patrum period.


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