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Curious to learn more about your Pelvic Floor and Core?

Meryl and Kristin are offering a 6 week program to help you reach your goals!


Banish low back pain, stabilize your SI joint, decrease heaviness and pressure and sneeze or laugh worry free!

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Strengthen Your Core

Learn fundamental core strengthening exercise, tools and tips for a functional, strong core.

Relieve Back pain

Learn to place less stress on your back and train your core to support you on and off your mat in day to day life.

Support Pelvic Floor function

Learn tools, strategies and exercises to support the rebuild and strengthening of your pelvic floor alleviating common disruptions.

Workout with better results

Ideally your workouts should make you stronger, more mobile and grounded. Learn to move well with proper form and get the most out of your practice.

The Pelvic floor is so much more than you think. It’s the foundation of your body and creates the strength and stability that you need to keep you pain-free and moving dynamically. For many people, for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t perform as it should.

YOU can bring more awareness to your pelvic floor with the proper help and guidance.

This workshop and 6 week Series will teach your mind and body to take control over your pelvic floor and core.

Awareness is key and we learn how to breath and move in a way that supports proper function.

Treatment involves strengthening the surrounding muscle groups, thereby naturally strengthening the core and pelvic floor to relieve your symptoms and enable you to live a fuller, more worry-free and pain-free life.

Meet Meryl:

Meryl is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and has been working as a Physiotherapist for over 20 years. Meryls passion is to guide students towards taking control over their own body awareness so they can return to doing all the things they love. Meryl has furthered her education by completing a variety of Manual Therapy courses (Levels 1 – 3), Vestibular Rehabilitation, AFCI Acupuncture, Sports Taping, Pelvic Health Courses ( Levels 1 – 50, The Diane Lee Integrated Systems Model ( cranium, Cervical and Thoracic Spine and the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip). Her treatment techniques include the use of Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Release Techniques and Specialized Exercise prescription to help her patients return to their activities. In addition to treating clients and managing both in Acton and Georgetown Physiotherapy locations, she also mentors physiotherapy students and new physiotherapists that join her Eramosa Physio team.

Meet Kristin:

Kristin is a Mom of 2 beautiful babes. Having dealt with her own Pelvic floor issues during her first pregnancy she realized the need for accurate and readily available information out there in regards to the pelvic floor. After studying the pelvic floor and specializing in working with Pregnant and Post natal students for 2 years Kristin decided to go back to school and studied with Sarah Duvall, a Online Pelvic floor physiotherapist, completing her Pregnancy and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist program.

Since then, Kristin has made it her life's mission and passion to work with families, helping them to learn proper breathing techniques and body awareness and to feel strong and capable in their own bodies to aid in a smoother pregnancy, birth ,transition into parenthood and recovery.

Common issues are NOT normal and do not need to be normalized. We don't need to wear a pad for our whole lives or make sure a bathroom is always close by.

Our Goal is to help you build lasting body and mind strength!!!

Our 6 Week Program includes

6 Weeks

of Live and Recorded progressive educational videos combining yoga and fitness exercises 

A Bonus Video

on how the pelvic floor works and where it is located on the body


to track your progress and encourage journalling

Support and Feedback

From Kristin and Meryl to help you get the most success on your journey


Samantha, 42

Kristin's program is amazing. I had no idea the damage I had done to my pelvic floor after my first baby with boot camps and jogging. Kristin helped me to bring so much awareness to my breath and I learned ways to honor my body by still doing what I love but not hurting myself along the way. 

Grace, 33, 

I wish I would have met Kristin years ago so I wouldn't have lived with dysfunction for so long. Kristin is so knowledgeable and I feel safe and empowered every time I practice with her.

Ruth, 58

15 years after my 4th baby my doctor shrugged at me and suggested I wear a panty liner every day for the rest of my life. I'm a firm believer age is just a number after meeting Kristin and completing her program. I no longer am ashamed to go out in public, laughing out loud is not a problem anymore!

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