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The structure of this nutrition, fitness and yoga plan gives you the opportunity to improve your health and reshape your body while allowing each muscle group adequate recovery time. We link breath with movement to ensure for mindful movement and each class ends with a short meditation. Whether you're new or skilled at movement or meditation, each class is geared to support any level.

When we focus on aspects of health and wellness we holistically work to health the body from the inside out. We start moving our body, we start to eat better, we start sleeping better and we end up on this upward spiral of health.

Say yes to all the things that make your heart happy and your mind and body strong.

What we offer

Perinatal Yoga Instructor and Corrective Exercise Specialist

Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Kids Yoga + Meditation

Childbirth and Infant Feeding Education

Winner of Readers Choice in Halton Hills, Ontario
Best Yoga Teacher

About me

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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kristin, I am thrilled to be offering these amazing programs for families here in Georgetown. I am a grateful mother of two beautiful children. My passion is working with families to help everyone get active together. With childhood obesity, screens, lack of being outdoors and families busy lives,  my classes and programs are suited for the whole family to be able to attend, let loose, play and relax together. The classes are for everybody and every BODY, I can progress any class to suite all levels. All classes focus on body alignment and breath work and can holistically work to heal your body . Join me in my programs including pre/post natal yoga and fitness, mom and baby yoga, family yoga and events, group meditations and more! Every month I offer different workshops, theres something for everyone in your family here. 


Why prenatal yoga?

Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with your baby, address the common physical symptoms associated with pregnancy, prepare your mind and body for labor and birth, and relax and calm your mind and thoughts towards the unknown.


Focus on you, not just baby

Meet other pregnant moms on a similar journey

Improve your sleep

Step into your power

Prep for childbirth and parenthood

Yoga at Home

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Kristin is the best! My husband found her when I was pregnant with our second child and I started to do prenatal yoga. Fast forward to now, and I get to bring my baby to back yard yoga. She offers amazing programs geared towards moms. I just adore her personality, like you’ve known her for a lifetime. Looking forward to the next class!

Yoga at Home


This beautiful spirit Kristin shows up fully for every single class I have ever attended, with a new and innovative program. I leave each time feeling grounded and inspired, having received a great work out and a soothing meditation, and ready to tackle the world for one more day.



Kristin has been instrumental in helping me feel like a strong mama and leading me on a path of fitness and mindfulness before, during and after having my son. Her genuine warmth, kindness and exceptional pre and post natal expertise is evident in every class I’ve attended. I look forward to practicing with her each week and love her mix of yoga, fitness and meditation. 

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