Infant Feeding Workshop 101
May 16, 2:00 p.m. EDT
Live online offering

Did you know Kristin is a Childbirth educator?

Kristin has devoted the last few years of her life studying the human body in pregnancy and birth. After completing her Yoga teacher training, Kristin realized her passion was to work in this niche. Kristin continued her education to become more knowledgeable with the women's anatomy and changes that happen during pregnancy. She worked hard at a few different Pre and post natal yoga certifications and She completed her Feeding counselor program in 2019. She has been counselling her students and running Feeding workshops to help families feel confidant to feed their babies. Last year, when Kristin's studio closed, she decided to complete her Childbirth Education certification online so she could be of even more service to her students. Offering credible and sound knowledge is Kristin's biggest focus. After having children of her own, Kristin felt the need for readily available, Mindful, child-birthing information out there to own your unique birth experiences.

Kristin teaches weekly Childbirth prep classes that also include discussion, movement, yoga and meditation.

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