Birth Like a Warrior

Change your birth experience NOW!

Embracing for the uncertainty of childbirth is not something you need to do on your own. 

Some of the most beautiful chapters in your life won't have a title until much later.

I am here to remind you that you are capable of so much; pregnancy and beyond.

I am here to support you. Helping you release your fears and move into trust within your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Take a step back and envision yourself moving from a place of fear to a place of excitement, watching your beautiful unique birth story unfold in divine timing.

I am here holding space for YOU. 

If you are looking for more support during your pregnancy and after, I am here for YOU.

Birth Like a Warrior is a coaching program that supports you not only during your pregnancy but after.

Meet Kristin - Certified Childbirth Educator, Pre and Post Natal Coach and Doula

Hi, I'm Kristin, a certifying Birth and Post Partum Doula, Childbirth educator, pre and post natal yoga and fitness instructor, infant feeding counsellor and fitness nutrition specialist. I also have completed my Pregnancy and post partum corrective exercises specialist program, specializing in the Pelvic floor and core during this sacred time on your journey. 

I feel so grateful to be able to help you birth your baby and advocate for you to be heard throughout pregnancy and beyond.

I work to help you feel empowered, capable and strong and to step into this role prepared and ready to handle anything life throws at you with grace and ease.

I provide weekly virtual coaching sessions globally. Doula services are provided to home and hospital births in the Halton region of Ontario. No matter what stage you are at in your journey during pregnancy we can start working together and we will work together until 8 weeks post partum. Pricing will vary depending on what week you are at when we start and if you would like me to attend your birth.


Do you want to feel strong, capable and ready to bring your baby earthside?
Do you want to have less aches and pains, less fear and worry and more trust in yourself and capabilites to become a parent?

Move away from fear and into trust
A customized Pregnancy and Birth program moving you into a place of trust to handle parenthood with ease and grace

Water Birth

I want to transform my birth experience!

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Kristin's prenatal and postnatal programs helped me a lot, especially as I was a new mother and newcomer to Canada.  All the dedication and care of the classes brought us security and help in this very challenging phase of our lives.  Yoga classes make me understand, accept and lead my body to a peaceful and powerful birth.  I thank Kristin for all the love and empathy in the way of participating in this moment with her projects, being this person always available and authentic.

Danielly and Pedro

Kristin supported me throughout my pregnancy in so many ways and I am forever grateful to have had her support. Her prenatal yoga classes were amazing and I went weekly until I was 41 weeks pregnant! I also did her Prenatal, Breastfeeding and Postpartum classes and I learned so much from her. I was empowered with information and it helped make my birth experience and transition to motherhood something that I will always cherish. Kristin's teachings are a wonderful balance of learning/holistic strategies, warmth, and humour. She is giving with her time and energy and I recommend her to all of the new moms and moms-to-be that I know.

Katie and Everly

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