Birth like a Warrior

a 6 Month Pre and Post Natal Program

Surrender to the Unknows and Step into your Power

Kristin works to empower you in your Pregnancy and birth through sound knowledge and emotional and physical support during pregnancy and the early postpartum period.

Here’s what you can expect when signing up for the 6 month program with Kristin.

(6 Months or 24 Weekly sessions, usually families sign up around 25 weeks gestation )


Meet for a casual chat, get to know each other, and discuss your goals. You can share your unique ideas, plans, needs and requests for pregnancy and birth. Kristin will explain all the services offered and you can ask any questions you may have. We will schedule our weekly sessions.


We’ll meet online Via Zoom to discuss your pregnancy and birth. What we discuss in our meetings is tailored to your preferences: we’ll focus on what’s most important to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.

Each week will be different depending on each individual goals with different topics covered and we always practice a movement and meditation sequence. We practice Tools for you to take off the mat with you and start implementing in your daily life. 


-reviewing options, consider your birthing preferences

-prepare a birth plan/strategy

-what to expect in early labour and practice comfort measures

-Discuss what to expect throughout the postpartum period 

-Discuss pelvic health and ways to optimize function in pregnancy 

-Discuss yoga and meditation and the benefits of the practice

-Learn coping mechanisms for pregnancy, birth and beyond

-Discuss nutrition for pregnancy and the first few weeks after birth


As soon as you sign on, support is available to you by phone, email or text. You can ask Kristin questions and talk about options or even just vent!!

You will be provided a link where you can access a growing library of Movement and meditation classes that you can practice at your leisure throughout your whole pregnancy. The classes are a variety of weight training, slow flows and mindful fitness specific for pregnancy and the post partum period. Strength, mobility, breath and connection is the main focus in these classes.

With our weekly sessions and this library, the accountability is huge and it makes it easy to set up new habits that can roll into parenthood and beyond.

You also have access to a Private Facebook community FOR LIFE offering support daily through recipes, parenting and birthing information!

Kristin also will be working closely with Meryl Da Costa, a registered Physio Therapist to ensure programs are designed in a innovative and thoughtful way towards the specific student.


Kristin will teach you techniques to help you feel more comfortable during birth and tools to help you make big decisions. She offers unbiased, non-judgemental support. Her teachings come from different types of yoga, fitness and meditation practices as well as Childbirth Education programs.

Kristin and Meryl will provide you with a video for massage and ways to prepare your pelvic floor for birth.

After your birth Kristin will be in contact with you to help guide you towards any extra support you may need. For example, if you choose to breastfeed, Kristin can help connect you with a lactation consultant, and she can also offer any advice via text or email in the first week following the birth of your baby.


In the week following your birth, whenever works for you, we will have another Zoom meeting. We can discuss your birth, you can ask questions about caring for your baby and for yourself, or we can just chat while you enjoy your baby. Kristin can support you by answering questions and providing tips for feeding in any way, newborn care or self care for birthing person and partner if necessary. Kristin can also help you arrange your first Pelvic Floor physiotherapist visit or consultation if you wish.

Included in the program will be your first Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist apt. Virtual or in person. (If you choose to use this service)

Meryl Da Costa, A registerest Physiotherpist, specializing in pelvic health will be offering you an assesment at your 6 week post birth mark.

During your first 8 weeks Post Partum, Kristin will remain beside you via call, text or email to answer any questions you may have or to guide you towards other professionals to support your journey. 

Our weekly visits post birth will be the focus of the birthing persons with hopes to guide you on the smoothest recovery possible. Through yoga, meditation and credible advice, Kristin can allow families to feel supported, cared for and ultimately surrender to the beautiful transition into parenthood.

As a Prenatal client, you are welcome to take Kristin's prenatal infant feeding class for free!

If you’re only interested in prenatal support click here!

Kristin is a Childbirth Education - Pre and Post Natal Yoga and Fitness Instructor - Infant Feeding Counsellor

$2855 inclusive of tax

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Kristin and Meryl work with 4 birthing persons at a time. Spaces fill quickly, please  book your June birth by March 10.

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